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Mission, Vision & Values



Abiona Centre seeks to create a better future for vulnerable pregnant and parenting young mothers and their children 0-6. Our infant and early childhood mental health programs give our clients the tools they need to build secure relationships with their babies, cope with life’s adversities, find help when needed and succeed in life. 




Abiona Centre envisions a world where families led by young women will have the emotional and physical supports to realize their full potential. 




  • Client Engagement:  We work collaboratively with the pregnant, parenting women and families with young children that we serve to identify their needs and take actions that better their lives. 


  • Inspiring our Team:  We foster a culture where staff are empowered to be involved in decisions that impact their work and development. 


  • Safety, Dignity and Privacy:  We are committed to protecting the safety, dignity and privacy of our clients, staff, volunteers and other stakeholders. 


  • Trust and Respect:  We work to build trusting and respectful relationships with our clients and with one another. 


  • Evidence-Informed Practices:  We strive to make decisions and deliver services based on evidence-informed practices. 


  • DiversityWe respect the diversity of our community. We welcome people of different ethnic, spiritual and cultural backgrounds, sexual orientation and unique abilities and needs. We understand how racism, sexism and oppression affect the lives of the people we serve. We are committed to addressing inequalities within the Centre and community. 
A young smiling black mom holds her baby

"Abiona Centre not only gave me the ability to care for my child, but the motivation to get what I wanted for my life - to have my daughter with me and to live independently."


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Abiona Centre is a client-centred infant and early childhood mental health organization which supports pregnant and parenting adolescents, aged 13 – 25.

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